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Hoary Moyer
2008-10-03 23:13
by Mike Carminati

Jamie Moyer, about a month shy of the ripe old age of 46, takes the mound tonight for the Phils. He opposes playoff first-timer Dave Bush in what might be the last game in this series and the last game in the Brewers season.

By the way, the Brewers have still not won a playoff game since October 17, 1982 when they beat the Cards in game five of the 1982 World Series to go ahead three games to two. They lost 13-1 two days later and lost the series a day after that.

On the other hand, the Phils with a win will complete their first postseason sweep. Isn't that just nutty? The Phils have only won a handful of playoff series to begin with, but they have yet to sweep. Their playoff series wins are as follows in reverse chronological order: 4-2 over the Braves in the 1993 NLCS, 3-1 over the Dodgers in the '83 NLCS, 3-2 over the Astros in the '80 NLCS, and 4-2 over the Royals in the '80 World Series. That's just four postseason series won in, what, 125 years of existence.

Anyway, Moyer will become the second oldest starting pitcher in postseason history. Jack Quinn had just turned 46 when he started game four of the '29 World Series for the A's. The next in line right now is Roger Clemens, who was a few months older than Moyer, and therefore, already 45, when they both started games in last year's playoffs.

Here are the oldest postseason starters all-time. Note the age reflects the season age, not necessarily the age at game time:

Jack Quinn1929WSPhiladelphia Athletics00145
Jamie Moyer2007NLDS2Philadelphia Phillies00144
Roger Clemens2007ALDS2New York Yankees00144
David Wells2006NLDS2San Diego Padres01143
Phil Niekro1982NLCSAtlanta Braves00143
Roger Clemens2005WSHouston Astros00142
Roger Clemens2005NLCSHouston Astros10142
Roger Clemens2005NLDS2Houston Astros11142
Randy Johnson2006ALDS1New York Yankees01142
David Wells2005ALDS1Boston Red Sox01142
Pete Alexander1928WSSt. Louis Cardinals01141
Kenny Rogers2006WSDetroit Tigers10141
Kenny Rogers2006ALDS1Detroit Tigers10141
Roger Clemens2004NLDS2Houston Astros10241
Roger Clemens2004NLCSHouston Astros11241
Kenny Rogers2006ALCSDetroit Tigers10141
Don Sutton1986ALCSCalifornia Angels00141
Randy Johnson2005ALDS2New York Yankees00141

If Moyer wins the game tomorrow, it will not only be historic as the Phils first playoff sweep, it will be the first game in the postseason won by a pitcher 45 or over. Here are the current oldest winning pitchers in the postseason:

Dennis Martinez1998NLCSAtlanta Braves1043
Dolf Luque1933WSNew York Giants1042
Rick Honeycutt1996NLDS2St. Louis Cardinals1042
Roger Clemens2005NLCSHouston Astros1042
Roger Clemens2005NLDS2Houston Astros1142
Kenny Rogers2006ALCSDetroit Tigers1041
Kenny Rogers2006WSDetroit Tigers1041
Kenny Rogers2006ALDS1Detroit Tigers1041
Dennis Eckersley1996NLCSSt. Louis Cardinals1041
Roger Clemens2004NLDS2Houston Astros1041
Roger Clemens2004NLCSHouston Astros1141

If Moyer wants to become the oldest pitcher to ever appear in a postseason, he will have to stick around for at least two more seasons. Jack Quinn came back to pitch in relief for the 1930 A's in the World Series after turning 47. Here are the oldest to make a playoff appearance.

Jack Quinn1930WSPhiladelphia Athletics00146
Jack Quinn1929WSPhiladelphia Athletics00145
Roger Clemens2007ALDS2New York Yankees00144
Jamie Moyer2007NLDS2Philadelphia Phillies00144
Dennis Martinez1998NLCSAtlanta Braves10443
Dennis Eckersley1998ALDS1Boston Red Sox00143
Doug Jones2000ALDS1Oakland Athletics00243
Babe Adams1925WSPittsburgh Pirates00143
Jim Kaat1982WSSt. Louis Cardinals00443
David Wells2006NLDS2San Diego Padres01143
Phil Niekro1982NLCSAtlanta Braves00143
Dazzy Vance1934WSSt. Louis Cardinals00143
Mike Ryba1946WSBoston Red Sox00143
2008-10-04 08:15:19
1.   Bob Timmermann
For those not scoring the 1929 World Series at home, Jack Quinn started Game Four. The Game One start went to Howard Ehmke, the washed up vet who pitched the game of his life and struck out 13 Cubs in a 3-1 A's.

Connie Mack used Lefty Grove solely out of the pen in that series.

2008-10-05 16:31:42
2.   rbj
Congrats to the Phillies.

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