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Quien Es Moyer Macho?
2008-06-13 08:46
by Mike Carminati

Jamie Moyer saved the Phils from a what would have been an early-season, cringe-worthy sweep at the hands of the pesky Florida Marlins, and he did it in dramatic fashion, allowing two hits in eight innings.

Moyer now joins a short list of pitchers who have won at least seven games in a season after turning 45. His projected win total of 17 would be the most be any such pitcher:

PlayerYrAgeWL ERA IP
Jamie Moyer-proj200845177 4.12 198.0
Phil Niekro198445168 3.09 215.7
Phil Niekro1985461612 4.09 220.0
Satchel Paige1952451210 3.07 138.0
Phil Niekro1986471111 4.32 210.3
Jack Quinn192945119 3.97 161.0
Jack Quinn19304697 4.42 89.7
Tommy John19884598 4.49 176.3
Charlie Hough199345916 4.27 204.3
Phil Niekro198748713 6.30 138.7
Hoyt Wilhelm19694677 2.19 78.0
Jamie Moyer20084573 4.12 83.0

If Moyer does hit that 17-win mark this year, meaning he would garner ten more in 2008, and let's say that he has another 15 wins left in his soft-tossing arm, that would put him at 262 for his career. This begs the improbable question of whether Jamie Moyer is a Hall-of-Fmaer.

Jamie Moyer, a pitcher who did not win 15 wins in any season until he turned 35, how can he be a Hall-of-Famer? Moyer, a pitcher who never struck out more than 158 in a season, how could his face adorn the walls of Cooperstown? To quote Schoolhouse Rocky, how can a zero be a hero?

Moyer will be in very company. Twelve of the twenty eligible pitchers who won at least 250 but no more than 300 games are in the Hall, and Randy Johnson who has 288 and may not make 300 is an extremely good bet. All eligible pitchers with at least 2000 wins are in the Hall and the three who are not in (Maddux, Glavine, and Clemens) are locks at least for their on-field performance (Clemens will have other problems of course).

That's an extremely blunt instrument, but it does indicate that Moyer has a fifty-fifty chance or better of making it should he be able to hold up for another couple of seasons, admittedly not a great bet for an aging pitcher. That's not that bad for a pitcher who took over a decade at the beginning of his career to find himself.

Here are all the 250-299 win pitchers:

Bobby Mathews18711887297N
Tommy John19631989288N
Randy Johnson19882008288Ineligible
Bert Blyleven19701992287N
Robin Roberts19481966286Y
Fergie Jenkins19651983284Y
Tony Mullane18811894284N
Jim Kaat19591983283N
Red Ruffing19241947273Y
Burleigh Grimes19161934270Y
Jim Palmer19651984268Y
Bob Feller19361956266Y
Eppa Rixey19121933266Y
Jim McCormick18781887265N
Gus Weyhing18871901264N
Ted Lyons19231946260Y
Mike Mussina19912008259Ineligible
Jack Morris19771994254N
Red Faber19141933254Y
Al Spalding18711877253Y
Carl Hubbell19281943253Y
Bob Gibson19591975251Y

Incidentally, Jimmy Rollins is on a pace to set a new record for most stolen bases in a season without being caught. He stole his twelfth yesterday in their 3-0 win, and projects to 38. The current record-holder is Kevin McReynolds with 21 nabs without being caught. Here are the most:

2008Jimmy Rollins-proj380
1988Kevin McReynolds210
1898John Anderson200
1994Paul Molitor200
1899Hughie Jennings180
1899Ossee Schreckengost180
1982Jimmy Sexton160
1989Gary Thurman160
1984Davey Lopes150
1994Sean Berry140
1999Terry Shumpert140
1902Hal O'Hagan130
1943Leon Culberson130
1964Tom Tresh130
1994Lee Tinsley130
1994Tim Raines130
1995Rex Hudler130
2000Carlos Beltran130
2000Desi Relaford130
1871Denny Mack120
1910Art Kruger120
1977Miguel Dilone120
1980Fred Lynn120
1995Paul Molitor120
2003David Dellucci120
2008Jimmy Rollins120
2008-06-13 13:52:18
1.   snydes
age 35 and over, moyer has 148 wins. more than randy johnson, roger clemens, greg maddux and tom glavine. he's 5th all-time in that catergory trailing only jack quinn (163 wins), warren spahn (180), cy young (192) and phil niekro (208).

age 40 and over, moyer has 73 wins. he's 2 wins from tying warren spahn and cy young for 3rd in that category. he should pass those two this year and then trail only quinn with 96 wins and niekro with 121. it's interesting to note that quinn was one of the last legal spitballers and niekro threw the knuckleball, while moyer still gets it done with his "blazing" 75mph fastball.

a couple of other interesting tidbits about moyer (from moyer holds the record for longest time between rbi's, 16 years. he also holds the record for the longest time between doubles, 19 years. and he's the only pitcher to ever go 20 years between wins against a team, beating the braves on 5.23.87 and then not again until 5.25.07.

he's not a hall-of-famer yet. but let's not sell the guy short. he might have 5 or 6 more good years left in him.

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